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Care exhibition Vernissage

In June we celebrate the Ocean and bring it to the city!

The exhibition “CARE”, focuses on the Ocean through the eyes of surfers who, through their art, show us the beauty and singularities of what they love in their relationship with the Ocean.

This ode to the Ocean intends to honor and contemplate the giant that gives color to our Blue Planet, alerting to the weaknesses and threats to which it is exposed by human action.

I´ve been working on this exhibition since the beginning of the year. Many hours of work to get the pieces done and to have a set of pieces ready for the internacional Oceans day on 8th of June to celebrate the day with a vernissage!

In the month of the United Nations Ocean Conference in Lisbon, where the motto “Save the Oceans, Save the Future” will be debated in our city, we did not want to ignore the importance of the surfing community coming together to speak and act to protect the Ocean.

In this immersion, (R)hope corals are displayed together with the contemplative landscapes of the lens of photographer Daniel Espirito Santo at ROVE - Lisboa (Hotel Consulat) until 8th of July.

During the month of June, our cultural agenda will include environmental awareness initiatives and events to be revealed later.

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