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2023       Global Wave Conference  exhibition and Speaker. 2023. Peniche. Portugal

2023        "Protect our Ocean" by Patagonia. Casa da Cultura. Ericeira. Portugal


2023         MAR.MOTTO by Sciaena. Faro. Portugal


2022         Keynote Speaker. IAC2022. Nausicaá. Bologne-Sur-Mer. France

2022         CARE. 8th of June - 8th July (Rove - Lisboa)


2022         Pristine Blue - 27th of June - 1st of July, Lisboa UN Side Event


2022         OCÉAN - L'exposition immersive (through participation in “Coeur battant”) 


2022         The Mermaid´s song (WSL MEO PRO PORTUGAL, Peniche, Portugal)


2021          European Night of Researchers. Pavilion of Knowledge (Lisboa, Portugal)  

2021          Portuguese Surf Film Fest (Culture House, Ericeira, Portugal)


Media exposure

2023         Long documentary ‘‘TEIA’’ de Sabrina D. Marques (by Maria & Mayer)

2021          Documentary “  Coeur battant”

2021          Documentary ‘‘Plastic Hike’’, do artista ‘‘the trash traveler’’ 

2021          TVI 24 (Portugal) - Serie “o mar é a nossa terra”  

2021          HBO (Spain) - Zero waste chef, ep. 1 


2022         mARTE contest by Docapesca

2021          mARTE contest by Docapesca

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