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Lizzy is a surfer and artist living in Peniche, west of Portugal.
From the intimate connection with the ocean, the need to protect it has born.  

Lizzy started to get interested in environmental activism, acting individually as a volunteer for Surfrider Foundation (since 2011). Beyond beach cleaning, Lizzy has been promoting workshops and volunteer activities of environmental education, to explore the potentialities of marine litter as raw material.

Professionally, Lizzy works as a fulltime illustrator, using illustrations dedicated to surf to convey ecological messages that speak about preserving water sources, nature, the sea and planet Earth.


However, in 2021 Lizzy felt the urge to work with her hands and to have a direct contact with the raw materials and textures, so she proposed herself a challenge: to create pieces out of trash and reused materials, helping to solve the problem of marine litter in a creative way, adding aesthetics and artistic value.  

(R)HOPE is a coral reef created with ropes and wasted fishing cages collected on the beach. The main idea was to create a healthy reef vibrant with colors and life, starting from the root causes of its destruction - massive fishing practices.  


(R)HOPE is the hope for a more sustainable fishing practise in the future. A hope for protected sea waters and an invitation to transform trash into aesthetic pieces.

lizzy exh3.JPG
Lisa Marques_ (R)Hope corals

Lisa Marques_ (R)Hope corals

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