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Blue March - UN Ocean Conference

Yesterday was an unusual day!

I dressed up my mermaid costume made with discarded ropes and went to participate on the blue march in Lisbon, where the oceans conference by united nations is taking place.

Leaders, representatives and NGO´s are deciding the future of the ocean.

This decade is being called the

ocean decade, but honestly, for those who are working on the field, it seems that no much is being done. but i will not focus on the bad news, and use this opportunity to raise my voice for the ocean.

As a surfer I feel responsible to protect the ocean and give back to it. I do believe we are the best partners ocean can have, because, as I like to say, we have salted blood in in our veins.

I do believe that we all, as citizens can make a lot of change just by changing the way we consume everyday.

And we as artists can value the trash as a raw material for our creations and give it an aesthetic look. Thats my challenge and invitation for you!

There will be no life on earth without the ocean, and personally I cant imagine a future without surfing for the next generations, because the ocean is the best gift life gave to me.

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