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(R)HOPE Coral at Portuguese Surf Film Fest 2021

Using only reused materials, I set out to recreate the seabed with a material that is one of the responsible for its destruction - ropes, nets and fishing gear.

Bottom trawling in fishing is comparable to the destruction of tropical forests, due to the devastation it causes in habitats.

- The seabed ecosystems are irreparably destroyed with this fishing technique.

- it captures animals without commercial attractions such as starfish, sponges, dolphins, turtles, sharks (Up to 70% of the trawl catches in Portugal are returned to the ocean, however due to the injuries suffered, only a few of these animals survive)

- Extinction of some species and risk of extinction of others.

- Catch and consequent death of immature fish and the risk of lack of fish for future generations

I stand for a more sustainable fishing industry and for more marine protected areas in Portugal.

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