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Siren´s Song

A mermaid is a mythological figure, present in legends that served to personify aspects of the sea or the dangers it represents. Often this hybrid creature, of female representation, was

responsible for bewitching men through her voice.

Born from the terror, fascination and repressed desires of sailors, the mermaid was the answer to what the human understanding of the time could not decipher.

A bridge between the known world of land and the fearsome world of the sea.

The centuries have made legends forgotten, while science and reason have been illuminating and

revealing underwater secrets.

Sirens were silenced.

But today, the sirens' song is neither beautiful nor seductive. It brings the message that no man wants to hear, a cry for help!

We hope that the mermaid will help bring realities closer together and bring awareness about the

impacts of human life on the health of the Ocean and its beings.

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